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St FagansCW Primary School

Happy to love, learn and pray together
Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd


Welcome to the Nursery.
This half-term we are learning about being happy. We will also be learning about the importance of making friends, being kind and working together.
We will also be concentrating on settling the children into nursery and concentrating on establishing rules and routines for the classroom and the playground.
Please label all of your child’s clothes, shoes and their coats! Thanks


Physical Development activities take place throughout the week but PE is on a Monday following their time in the secret garden, “Muddy Monday”. We would like all children to wear joggers and Velcro trainers, and NO jewellery please! If your child does wear studs then please cover these before school. The waterproofs and wellies should be worn to school with PE kit on underneath, with Velcro trainers in separate bag.


We have daily snack which will be £1.25 a week, to be paid at the beginning of each half-term please. So that £7.50 due for this half-term, thanks! Please put in clearly named envelope. Thank you.


Ways to help your child
To put their coat on independently.
To wash and dry their hands when they have been to the toilet.
To dress and undress themselves.
To recognise their name .
To go to the toilet independently.


We will be doing lots activities linked to our topic of happiness such as showing an interest in books and reading happy stories and acting these out, speaking and listening through role-play, singing happy songs and learning rhymes, and recognise their names.


Numbers and counting 1-10 including songs and rhymes
Sorting into groups
Problem solving


Lots of other activities
Understanding and following instructions, drawing, painting and working with clay, expressing feelings, learning feel good songs and accompanying with percussion instruments, talking about their families and lots more!
We are going to be very busy!!!
Thanks for all your co-operation.
TheNursery Staff.


Mrs Harvey will be the teacher in the Nursery every day, apart from a Wednesday morning, unless she is on a course. Mrs Sharp will be the LSA in Nursery Monday, Tuesday, Thursday morning and Friday. Mrs Parfitt (LSA), will be in the nursery Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Mrs Dowers (LSA) will be in the Nursery all day Wedenesday.

If you have any concerns, please come and talk to us about them, the door is always open!