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St FagansCW Primary School

Happy to love, learn and pray together
Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd

When I fall asleep

Our topic for the rest of half-term and next half term is called,” When I fall asleep” and as the title suggests we will be finding out about the moon, stars, nocturnal animals and familiar routines at the end of the day. The second half of the next half term, we will be talking about Christmas, and learning all about the Christmas story.

Muddy Monday and PE will continue to be on a Monday. We would like all children to wear joggers and bring Velcro trainers, and NO jewellery please.
Dotty dog and Melvyn monkey will continue to go home for their exciting weekends!
Snack money will be £8.75 please to be paid at the beginning of the half term please. Thank you.

Ways to help your child
To put their coat on independently. Lots of children are still finding this difficult. They need a coat with them every day .

To wash and dry their hands when they have been to the toilet.

To use language such as big, bigger, small, smaller, tall, taller etc

We will be doing lots of activities linked to our topic such as thinking about, and asking and answering questions, making marks and drawings, showing an interest in books, and exploring a range of information about night and day, singing songs and learning rhymes, recognise and beginning to write names independently as well as using the Welsh language across the range of experiences.

Numbers and counting 1-5 and beyond, including songs and rhymes

Sorting into sets, such as animals that sleep in the day and night.

Comparing sizes and ordering

Simple sequencing

Lots of other activities
There will be lots of activities to go with this topic. We will be looking at nocturnal animals, jobs people do in the day and night, bedtime routines, the Christmas story and lots more!

Dates for your diaries
Thursday December 1st at 10.30 am and 2.30pm- Nursery Christmas concert
Friday 9th December- Trip Brecon mountain railway to see Father Christmas.

Please send in your childs favourite toy/ blankie that they take to bed with them on Tuesday( tomorrow) as we will be talking about them in class, thanks. They will come home again on same day as I know how special these things are!

Thank you.
The Nursery staff.