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St FagansCW Primary School

Happy to love, learn and pray together
Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd


Welcome to Nursery!
Croeso i Meithrin!









Our topic this half term is Battle of the Dinosaurs  as the title suggests we will be exploring the world of dinosaurs including how they lived, when they lived and how they behaved and interacted with other dinosaurs. If you have anything of interest that we could use this half term, please send it in. Thanks


Ways to help your child


To wash and dry their hands when they have been to the toilet

To write their names correctly focusing on forming their letters and using the correct case i.e capital letter at the beginning. Lets keep practising this at home so they can write their name in the Reception class.

To use language such as big, bigger, small, smaller, tall, taller etc.

To use the words first, second, third.....last etc 




Number recognition, ordering and counting to 10 and beyond including songs and rhymes.


Muddy Monday and PE will continue to be on a Monday. We would like all children to wear joggers and bring velcro trainers, and No jewellery please! If your child does wear studs it would be easier if they could be removed or covered before  they come to school.


Please could your child wear trainers every day for the next few weeks as we will be practicing for sports day when we can


Snack for this half-term is £8.75 

Please can you pay it as soon as possible in a clearly labelled envelope - Thanks!


Please send your child into school with a clearly labelled sun hat everyday...we are hoping for sunshine!


Lending library will continue every Thursday.



We will be doing lots of activities linked to our topic such as thinking about and asking and answering questions, making marks and drawing, showing an interest in books and exploring a range of information of books and posters about dinosaurs, singing songs and learning rhymes, continuing to form letters correctly, recognise and writing names independently as well as using the welsh language across the range of experiences.


We will continue to do guided group reading sessions. We will also continue to learn the phonics and recap on the letters already learned. Please remember to practise these at home, and also the formation of these.



Your child will also be playing in the infant playground once a week, and regularly visiting their new class. This will help with the transition in September.


Check parent mail for Sports day dates, Reception meeting and transition date!


Lots of other activities......

The children will be visiting our dinosaur area, where they will find out lots of things about dinosaurs in our role-play corner, as well as finding out about what dinosaurs ate, how they used different body parts, how the earth might have looked when the dinosaurs were alive, learning names of dinosaurs, discussing times when they have felt sad or cross, expressing preferences and interests and developing collaboration.

As always we are going to be very busy!!!

Thanks for all your co-operation 

The Nursery Staff.




Mrs Harvey is usually in the Nursery every day , but has ppa on Tuesday morning and management meeting on Thursday am, and Mrs Parfitt will be covering. Mrs Sharp is in the nursery every day apart from Wednesday afternoon. Staff are always available should you wish to discuss any concerns.



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We enjoy exploring the Garden.

We enjoy exploring the Garden. 1
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We enjoy exploring the Garden. 3
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We enjoy exploring the Garden. 9
We enjoy exploring the Garden. 10
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