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Happy to love, learn and pray together
Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd

Year 2

Happy 2018 ! 

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas and are ready to start the new year.

Our new context for learning in entitled 'Giant Tales from Wales'. For more information click on the document below and remember to check Class Dojo notifications. 

Spring Term Home/School Link Letter

Summary of Class 2 Meeting

Welcome to Year 2


Entrance is via the playground door at 8.45am, home via the same door at 3.25pm. Please use the main school entrance at all other times and wait in the foyer area to be seen.


Mrs Manley is the Class Teacher, supported by Miss Becky Dix on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Tidy on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Parfitt will also provide PPA cover on a Monday morning


We aim to develop greater independence and sense of responsibility throughout Year 2. The classroom organision is very different from previous years. Children are not ‘grouped’ as such but work with a different learning partner each week. We have a new whole school value every half term (this term is ‘Thankfulness’) and throughout the week attend two whole school assemblies, worship through song,class worship and Foundation phase assembly. We will also continue with Helpwr Heddiw daily.



Children have adult-led Guided Group Reading Sessions once a week. This will be on the same day each week. They will then also choose a weekly individual book at their current reading level which will be unread in school. The individual book may be at a slightly different level from their group reader. All pupils will be assessed termly. We will keep you informed of their progress and ways to help via their reading record books. Please write in these books as your comments give us a more rounded picture of the children’s progress. Simply signing to indicate that the books have been read at home is also valuable. We want your child to enjoy reading and have ownership in what they read and a class lending library will be set up asap. Lending library books are purely for choice and the love and reading so may be at a higher or lower reading level. Please note that books will only be changed when previous books have been returned.

Help can be given at home by discussing the book, practicing word building, identifying initial sounds, playing word recognition games and continuing to read broadly with your child outside of our school reading scheme. A story at bedtime is invaluable! The more you read with your child the more progress they will make!



In a change from previous years we will now be sending home weekly homework. This will mostly be spelling patterns and high frequency word practice. This will be sent home on a Monday to be returned to school by the following Monday. We will go over the work in class and return all work to you on a termly basis. Reading and Maths ‘Learn It’s are ongoing weekly homework activities. In addition to this there will also be occasional Maths and topic related homework. The main purpose of homework is to let you know about the work covered in class and understand the curriculum expectations. Please exercise discretion when undertaking homework !! If you have a busy week –it is ok to not complete it. If you feel that the work is too hard for your child adapt it accordingly, only attempt a few questions or carry it out in a practical way. It is not intended to be onerous for you or your child. It is merely an opportunity for you to accelerate your child’s learning.



Our PE days are Monday and alternating Tuesdays. Kit is to be brought into school for PE days in a clearly labelled bag. We encourage all children to bring their kit to school and change before our lessons, so kit should not be worn to school. Occasionally due to adverse weather or demand on the use of the hall we have to swap our PE lessons, therefore we would prefer it if you could send both kits into school and leave them here for the half term. The following kit is needed…

Mon - (indoor) – shorts and t-shirts.

Tues- (outdoor) – jogging suits or shorts and t-shirts (depending on weather). Suitable trainers must be worn.

For Health and Safety reasons no jewellery is to be worn and long hair should be securely tied back. If earrings are worn, we ask that you provide plasters or Micropore tape to cover them.


Forest School

This takes place every other Tuesday afternoon. Children will visit our ‘Secret Garden’ to follow an exciting and stimulating outdoor curriculum. They will need old clothes, wellies and waterproof coats and gloves in very cold weather. The garden does get colder than the playground, so please ensure the children have warm layers to change into, including warm socks for their wellies. It is a child-led, hands on experience therefore children will get dirty! We will go out in all weather conditions (except very severe conditions).




Morning Snack

Our school is promoting healthy eating and has done so for a number of years. We supply healthy snacks in the form of different types of fruit. This year, we are asking for each child to opt-in to snack, paid at £1.25 per week. Any surplus money will then be used to buy new resources for the children to use in class, for cooking ingredients etc. Milk is also supplied and is given at break time. The water fountain is available to the children all day therefore separate drinks are not needed for break times.



Children can have school dinners or packed lunch. Please keep lunch boxes as healthy as possible. As I am sure you are aware, there is ongoing concern in the UK about the content of children's packed lunches, so please endeavour to give your children a good start in life, by providing them with a balanced lunch which contains fruit and vegetables and little processed food which is often high in sugar and salt. Chocolate biscuits/cakes/crisps etc should ideally be limited to an occasional (weekly) treat rather than a daily necessity. Sadly, we often see several of these items included every day and we notice the behavioural/concentration highs and lows that they can cause.
As always, we are here to help you by encouraging the children to try new foods. We will be doing this as part of our topics, but I am also happy to encourage children to try new foods which you would like to include in their lunches - please just let me know in the morning and I will sit with them at lunchtime to encourage at least 'a taste'! If you wish your child to change from dinners to packed lunch or vice versa could you do so on a weekly basis.


National Testing

All Year 2 pupils will undertake National Literacy and Numeracy Tests. These will take place between Wednesday 2nd May and Wednesday 9th May.


Thank you for attending today’s meeting. You can keep up to date with events and news via the Class Dojo app and our class page on the school website.


Thank you for your support

The Year 2 Team.

Year 2 Home /school link letter -Autumn Term


Our pupil led context for learning this half term is…. “All our Yesterdays”

This project has a History focus and teaches children about the chronology of their own lives including their families.

In this project the children will learn:

  • How families are different and how to make a family tree and timeline.
  • How to use first and second hand sources to find out about the past such as toys and household objects.
  • About the differences and similarities between life for a child now and in the past.
  • How to present information using a variety of media.
  • How human needs and bodies change over time.


Alongside this we will also….

  • Have daily numeracy (Big Maths) sessions.
  • Have daily literacy and phonic sessions.
  • Have daily Helper Heddiw (Welsh oracy) sessions and our Welsh focus is personal details such as name (Pwy wyt ti ?), feelings (Sut wyt ti?), and illnesses (Beth sy’n bod?).
  • Follow our values curriculum, with our whole school value being ………….and within RE we will be exploring the concept of special things, Christian values such as truth, honesty and forgiveness, and Harvest celebrations.
  • Follow our ICT scheme which this term focuses on Programming, Data handling and creating Mind Maps.
  • Develop our creative skills focusing on drawing and painting portraits and make clay models.
  • Develop scientific skills by looking at how bodies change, lifecycles, life processes and human senses.


And so much more !