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St FagansCW Primary School

Happy to love, learn and pray together
Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd


Croeso i Dosbarth Derbyn!
Welcome to Reception!


Hope you all had a restful half-term!

Mrs Willis, Mrs Plow, Miss Becky and Mrs Francombe will be in school every day, apart from a Wednesday morning where we are joined by Mrs Sharp for Forest Schools and Mrs Willis has her PPA time. Please keep an eye on the door and Class Dojo for details of Forest Schools.

We will be using Class Dojo to update you on a more regular basis so please check your notifications

Our School Christian Value for this half-term is FORGIVENESS

Please talk to the children about what forgiveness means to you in your family and perhaps ask them to share what we have talked about in our worship session with you.

Dragon Tales

Our topic this half-term is called Dragon Tales. This context has a Knowledge and Understanding focus and enables children to explore the historical, traditional and fantasy world of giants, dragons, castle and unicorns. We will be celebrating aspects of our Welsh Heritage and tradition during our St Davids Day celebrations and as always we will be doing lots of creative work too!



Snack money this half term will be £7.50 please. Please can this be paid directly to class in a clearly labelled envelope. If you have already paid then well done!
If you haven't paid yet then please could we have it as soon as possible!

Dinner money has increased to £2.30 per day and is £11.50 per week and payable on a Monday in a clearly labelled envelope separate to the snack money. Please can you use correct money or pay by cheque - thanks!


We aim to do our Physical Development on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please can the children come to school in joggers and velcro trainers, NO jewellery please! If your child does have stud earrings then please can you cover them before they come to school. It takes a long time to cover all the earrings which eats into the session time. Thank you!

Lending Library books and Weekend books must come to school every Wednesday. We use the Weekend books for a speaking and listening focus on a Wednesday so it is really important that these are in school each week and completed. The children do get upset if they haven't done it and can't take part in the session.

Forest Schools takes place on a Wednesday. The children can come to school in their joggers etc but can they please bring labelled wellies, waterproof coat and trousers all in a clearly labelled bag. It is also handy to have an extra pair of socks. The weather is beginning to get a little better but we still have cold and soggy sessions!


Ways to help your child

Please can you help your child with the following


  • putting their coat on and taking it off on their own
  • flushing the toilet and washing their hands when they go to the toilet
  • dressing and undressing themselves e.g. jumper on and off, socks and shoes
  • recognising and correctly writing their names. Some children are moving on to their surnames now too!
  • counting to 20
  • recognising numbers to 10 securely
  • touch counting 10 objects securely
  • Using language such as big, bigger, small, smaller, tall, taller etc


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