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St FagansCW Primary School

Happy to love, learn and pray together
Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd

Who's Who

Our Team!


Mrs Ceri Hawkins – Head Teacher


Miss Meryl Evans – Deputy Head Teacher

Responsibility for Teaching & Learning in KS2, Assessment, Music and Language, Literacy & Communication Skills.

Mrs Sharon Harvey – Deputy Head Teacher and Nursery Teacher
Responsibility for Teaching & Learning in the Foundation Phase . 


Miss Claire Asquith – Reception Teacher.

  Mr Gethin Wallace – Year 1 Teacher.

  Responsibility for I.T. and Physical Development.

Mrs Bethany Murray - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Jen Willis - Year 3 Teacher



Mrs Frances Herbert – SENCO; responsibility for Creative Development.


Mrs Stacey Rogers – Year 4 Teacher (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday am)

  Mrs Amanda Manley – Year 4 Teacher (Wednesday pm, Thursday    

  and Friday).  Responsibility for Physical Development and the Welsh Language Development.

Mr Huw Richards  Year 5 Teacher 

Mr Owain Rees Year 6 Teacher. Responsibility for Mathematical Development


Mrs Cath Parfitt - PPA Cover


Classroom Support Staff:  


Mrs Maria Plow;   Mrs Natasha Mackie;   

Mrs Stella Wilkinson;     

Mrs Sarah Sharp;   Mrs Katherine Dowers;   Mrs Lynda Ornsby;

Mrs Caroline Tidy;



Individual Support Staff:



 Mrs Liz O’Sullivan;   Miss Nikita Parsons;   Mrs Jo Francombe;



Mrs Janine Abbott;               Miss Lucy Wilson;          Miss Kate Miller;                                                      





 Mrs Laura Okafor;   Mrs Lucy Williams;

Mrs Kirsty Jones - School Admin Officer.
Responsible for HR, Finance & Purchasing, Admissions, Excursions, Attendance.


Mr John Ferry – Site Officer.


Mrs Gillian Leach - Cleaning Staff

Mid-Day Supervisors:  
Mrs Elaine Bowen, Mrs Joanne Francombe, Mrs Chris Chichester,
Mrs Ceri Mason, Mrs Jo Snook, Miss Lucy Wilson and Miss Jodie Keegans


Kitchen Staff:
Mrs Claire Royal and Miss Charlotte Matthews