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Happy to love, learn and pray together
Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd

Year 4




Croeso i Dosbarth 4 gyda Miss Evans a Mrs Manley


We have started our new context for learning this week, entitled…. Time Travellers: The Victorians.


Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 and died in 1901.


This project has a history focus and teaches children about the Victorian era including the lives of the rich and poor and other significant social and moral changes of the 19th century.

In this project the children will learn:

About the Victorian era;

About the social, moral and technological issues of the day;

About the important people of the day including those who

influenced and made changes;

About the literature of the day and how it was used to entertain and inform;

How to write a range of reports;

About the differences between childhood in the present day and in Victorian times



PE days will be on a Wednesday and Friday. On these days, children can wear their PE kit to school. Any jewellery such as earings should be removed before coming to school please. If your child cannot take part in PE for any reason, please ring the school office and leave a message for the teacher or send an email directly to Miss Evans (Wednesday) or Mrs Manley (Friday).



For all homework, pupils will need to access their HWB accounts. A great starting place is for them to practise logging in and memorising their account details.


Spellings for each week will be uploaded below, starting from next Wednesday 16th September. They will be updated every Wednesday and tested in school the following Monday. On the spelling sheet, you will also find suggestions of some ways to learn the spellings, including using Spellblast on j2e in Hwb. Your child will need their Hwb login for this. Please contact Miss Evans or Mrs Manley if your child is unable to log in. There are also some tips on effective ways to learn spellings on the Spelling Homework Ideas pdf below.


Due to Covid restrictions, we will not be able to send spellings home on paper, so please make sure you check this webpage regularly and print off the spellings if possible. Tests which take place in school will not be able to be sent home but I'm sure your child will be able to tell you how he or she has done each week. Please remember that being a good speller is so much more than just doing well in a test!


Maths homework will also be uploaded below on a Monday.It will always follow on from the work we have covered in class the previous week.We will also assign pupils the same homework via Google Classroom. Please complete work in a way which is convenient to you, however we are working towards only setting work via Google Classroom in the future.We anticipate a few 'teething' problems with accounts and log in's, which is why in the short term we are providing two options.

The same COVID restrictions apply to maths homework. However, if completed via Google Classroom it can be marked and feedback given.


Alongside weekly homework sheets, pupils must  keep visiting their Active Learn (Abacus) accounts as we will also set weekly games.  (We are currently working towards sending out log in details again for this).Learning all multiplication tables is also an ongoing expectation. Occasionally set homework will relate to this but pupils can practise weekly via TTBlast on J2e (Hwb). Level 6 is a good starting place. All times tables shoould be known by the end of Year 4. 


Think of homework as the link between school and home.It gives parents an idea of the topics covered, level of work and it enables pupils to reinforce, repeat and share their learning with you. We appreciate your ongoing support with homework and understand that sometimes pupils are reluctant to work as well at home as they do in school. Please do your best and be assured that any small amount you do will make a difference.  Diolch yn fawr.                             

Have fun smiley 



A message for parents and carers

Parents and carers of children are now able to contact teachers via their Hwb emails.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, but please remember not to contact us through your child's Hwb mail account as we will not be able to reply.

We hope you are all well and continuing to keep safe! Happy learning!smiley Go wild!

Mrs Manley

Miss Evans




Week F spellings to be tested the Monday after half term

Maths Homework Wk 6 is a revision of some of the work we have covered in school this half term.

Some questions have been worded differently to get you thinking like a mathematician. You may need a grown up to help explain some. For example: 3 lots of 5 means 3x5.

Challenge yourself to answer as many as you can but feel free to leave some if you really can't do them.

Remember to have go on TT blast- you should be able to do all levels up to the 6x table and some of you may like to try the 8x table. And.... keep visiting your Abacus account.

Maths Homework Wk 6-Revision

Maths Homework Wk5-Money Problem Solve

Maths Homework Week 4 Decimal Fractions

Maths Homework Aut Term 1 Wk 2 - Using a Calendar

Maths Homework AUT Term 1 Wk1 -Place value and reading numbers.

Guide to using Google Classroom

Tips for online learning

Here We Are script. Try learning this for your performance in school next week!

Book Bingo

Year 4 Suggested Reading for Pleasure books.