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Happy to love, learn and pray together
Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd

Year 6

Cardiff Council Covid-19 Recovery Strategy

Reading for Pleasure Activities

Ascension Day: Thursday this week is a very special day on our Christian calendar. Go to our Worship Page to see the story, activities and learn why we are celebrating Ascension Day.

Information for those children that are attending Bishop of Llandaff in September

Tasks and activities for Final Week Beginning:

Monday 13th July 2020

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Tasks and activities for Fortnight Beginning:

Monday 29th June 2020

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9

Religious Education activities

Tasks and activities for Week Beginning:

Monday 22nd June 2020

Monday 22nd June
Tuesday 23rd June
Wednesday 24th June
Thursday 25th June
Friday 26th June

Tasks and activities for Week Beginning:

Monday 15th June 2020

Resources for the Week

Tasks and activities for Week Beginning:

Monday 8th June 2020

Monday 8th June
Tuesday 9th June
Wednesday 10th June
Thursday 11th June
Friday 12th June

Tasks and activities for Week Beginning:

Monday 1st June 2020

Examples of children's work from this week
Monday 1st June
Tuesday 2nd June
Wednesday 3rd June
Thursday 4th June
Friday 5th June

Tasks and activities for Week Beginning:

Monday 18th May 2020

Examples of children's work from this week

Monday 18th May

Tuesday 19th May

Wednesday 20th May

Thursday 21st May

See activities in the planning file

Friday 22nd May

Tasks and activities for Week Beginning:

Monday 11th May 2020



Examples of children's work from this week

Resource for this week

Examples of children's work during Lockdown

Summer Term Topic - Message to Parents


Just before the closure of the schools, we started a new topic called 'The Wonderful World (of Sport.)' The plan was to use Euro 2020 and The Olympic Games as a focus for learning in the classroom. However, we would not just be focussing on sport, but also the 'Wonderful World' around us. I am hoping to continue with this topic through online learning and I am hoping to teach the children new concepts through videos and activities. Up to now, I have provided the children with revision work, which they have carried out in the classroom this year, but due to the uncertain future of returning to school, I would like them to learn new things. For this they may need assistance from the house.


All of the work that I am giving the children will be through the Google Classroom platform on Hwb. This is the best way for the children to access the work and they can also submit their work to me for it to be marked. If children are still unsure of how to access Google Classroom, then parents and guardians can email me their queries.


Remember though, this situation is new to us all. In some of the activities, your child may be required to access certain equipment that may not be available at home e.g. ruler for measuring. If you haven't got the equipment available to you, then please don't stress about the work. If you cannot do it then you cannot do it. As a parent as well as a teacher, I do not want the children to be stressed or anxious over schoolwork during this already difficult time. Some children may be happy to complete the work given to them everyday, while others may cope with only one or two pieces each day. I just want the children to try to enjoy the work and to keep their minds active.


Thanks again for your continued support during this time. If you have any quesries then please do not hesitate to email me. My email address is:


But please remember to email me from your own email and not the children's as I am not able to reply to the children's emails. The only way I can communicate with the children directly is through the Google Classroom.


Hope to see you all again soon.


Mr. Rees 

Home Learning Survey


24th April 2020


During these unprecedented times, home learning has become part of daily life with schools having to provide learning resources in a variety of ways.


We would be grateful if you could complete a short survey, based on your experience during this time. Your feedback will enable us to shape our products and better support you in the future.


You can find the survey here


Thank you.

The PrimarySite Team


Below is a link to a video about the ‘Stations of the Cross’. At Easter time, we would usually have a service to reflect on what Jesus did on the cross for us. As we are not able to be together, Father David has put together a video to watch at home. Please click on the link here (or paste into your internet browser):

We also have a new page on our school website called ‘Worship’. Please visit this page to read about how you could carry out worship at home and for more activities! 😊

Distance Learning

I hope that you are all keeping safe in this time of crisis and everyone is following the Government Guidelines on how to remain safe.


Just to let you know, I am not going to be putting work for you on this website as you are pretty confident with using the Hwb and Google Classroom. I will give you work for distance learning through Google Classroom. Please login to Google Classroom, on the Hwb, to access your work.


Thank you,

Mr. Rees