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Year 5

01st June 2020


Hello again and welcome to this week’s work. I hope you have all had a nice relaxing half-term week in the sun and are excited, waiting in anticipation for the announcement of this half-term’s topic. Well, wait no further, our new topic is called (drum roll): Creative Sports.


Why Creative Sports I hear you ask? A lot of feedback I received from parents told me that you enjoy the creative side of activities, and also like keeping active. So, with that in mind, I have blended the two: Creative Sports. Clear as mud?


It was so nice to speak to you all a couple of weeks ago, it really lifted my mood and made my day – I am very much looking forward to calling again a couple of weeks’ time. Those of you who I could not get through to, I will try again this week. I have taken all of your feedback on board and hopefully distance learning will be a little easier going forward. If not, please do not hesitate to email me.


The work sent over to me has really lifted my spirits also, I have really enjoyed opening my emails to look through your efforts – it brings back a bit of normality also. Remember this is not essential but I would really like to start putting work up on the class page so other members of the class can see it. If anyone has any objections to me doing this, please email to let me know.


After putting my ear to the floor I discovered that The Mystery of the Locked cupboard caused a bit of, how can I put it, distress? From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry! I can honestly say that I was half expecting to see a news update about it: Teacher sets impossible task to solve the Mystery of the Locked Cupboard. Just out of interest, did anyone open the cupboard?


Lastly, I heard news that some of you want to make a Year 5 class video – such a great idea! To create the teacher video, I used a programme call Microsoft video editor. On this you can include music and video clips. You can also cut and crop each clip to fit if needed. I am more than happy to email or phone the person who is putting this together to help further – let me know by email and we will arrange.


Thanks again for everything and stay safe.

Mr Richards


Literacy 1

Literacy 1


LI: To improve my spellings.


This activity is tough but fun and one you the whole household can help you with. All you need to do here is answer the questions using letters from the target word. Please have a look at the answer to number one if you are finding it difficult.

LI: To improve my spelling

Literacy 2


LI: To complete a reading comprehension.


This week’s comprehension comes in the form of Usain Bolt, the living legend in athletics. Learn all about his then answer the questions. Loving the comprehension work sent to me over the past few weeks!

LI: To complete a reading comprehension.

Literacy 3


LI: To design a new sport activity.


Have a look at the template and follow the instructions. This could be really beneficial for when we return to school because we could put these forward to be played during PE or break/lunchtime.

LI: To design a new sport activity.

Literacy 4


LI: To write a biography.


Warning: PowerPoint overload! PowerPoint 1 explains what a biography is – ignore the autobiography sections of this unless you want some extra knowledge. PowerPoint 2 is an example of a biography to help you with your task. ‘What is my task?’ I hear you screaming from the rooftops in eagerness. Your task is to write a biography on a famous sportsperson. I have included a template for you to follow if you are struggling.


Numeracy 1

Numeracy 1


LI: To complete the ultimate challenge.


Anything with the word ultimate in, you know it is going to be amazing! This task doesn’t disappoint. Your job is to complete the ultimate multiplication and division challenge. Told you: amazing! Use your prior knowledge to help you with division and your multiplication dart boards you completed a few weeks ago.

LI: To complete the ultimate challenge.

Numeracy 2


LI: To create a tally chart


Two options here:


  1. You could use the data on the worksheet to complete your tally chart.
  2. You could ask people what their favourite sport is – message, phone, email, pigeon etc – then complete the tally chart.

LI: To create a tally chart.

Numeracy 3


LI: To create a bar line graph


It is up to you again here. If you want to complete a line graph you can, if you want to create a bar graph you can. There is a link below with graph paper if needed but I am happy for you to complete this any way you can. One aspect that is a must is using the data collected from the favourite sport tally chart completed previously. I have included a YouTube video clip to help you.

Learning About Line Graphs

Line graphs made easy.

LI: To create a bar line graph

Numeracy 4


LI: To complete maths related life skills.


All of you are doing this so in some shape or form so please continue. Cooking, gardening, going for walks etc. So, so important.


Topic 1

Topic 1


LI: To write your name in graffiti lettering.


Please be aware that this activity does not ask you to write your name on any random walls – that is illegal and could get us all into trouble. Complete your work on a piece of paper using any technique you like. Have a look at some examples below to help you. Only write your first name because I would like to put these on the class page.

LI: To write you name in graffiti writing.

Topic 2


LI: To create a workout.


Now, I know I have asked you to complete this activity before, week 2 I think, but this time there is a twist. You will create a work out, not only for yourselves to complete, but for me to complete. I will film myself completing your workout and post the videos on the class page. Make them as difficult as you like using the Joe Wicks exercise cards below to help you.

Feel good activities

Feel good activities 1

LI: To know that I am amazing


Not me, you! Please complete the worksheet entitled I am an amazing person. This should be an easy activity for all of you; I can think of so many amazing qualities each of you has.

LI: To know that I am amazing

LI: To take the Sports Quiz


A little fun to finish – test your sporting knowledge!

LI: To take the Sports Quiz

On-going Activities


Please note that these activities are on-going and can be completed at any time over the next few weeks.



Joe Wicks is still hosting LIVE 30min workout each morning at 9am. Each morning in class we watch and copy Joe Wicks’ workouts - Year 5 love them! Many other workouts on his YouTube page if you miss the 9am one.

Click on the following link:



If you can have a look at the many activities on the FREE Minecraft app which you can download from Hwb



Check into the Welsh phrase of the week on our website. You may want to write them down and translate. Or write a sentence using the phrase to help you. OR, if you want a challenge of all challenges: see if you can teach the phrases to somebody in your house.

Link to Welsh phrase of the week:


ALso have a look at this link: Welsh food, YUM!



Please click on the ‘First 100 high frequency words handwriting’ PDF and let loose…



Please go to the PDF entitled ‘High Frequency spelling’. 200 words to get your teeth stuck into.



Check out Oxford Owl for many ebooks to read through, or you could go old fashioned and pick up a book with pages and everything. If you are tech minded please follow the link below:


Diary Entries

How are you getting on with these?


I really want to see what you got up to on your time away from school. So, with that in mind, your ongoing activity will be to write a diary entry for each day (or as many days as you can) you are away from school. I suggest you write each entry before bedtime, with a brief outline of what you did that day. You can include pictures if you want.  
We worked on diary entries a couple of weeks back. However, if you have forgotten how to write one, I have included a PowerPoint to help you and a checklist to follow. 

Additional activities


Keep up to date with our Worship page. Have a go at the 5 finger prayer:


Also, continue to practise those Welsh phrases of the week. Can you create a sentence using the phrase, or even ask someone in your family to answer a question in Welsh:


The Childnet film competition is a fantastic home learning opportunity open to all learners from UK schools and youth organisations. The competition invites young people to take on the challenge of creating a short film or storyboard in response to this year’s theme: ‘We want an internet where we’re free to…’


Are your children ready for an engaging home learning challenge? Something creative and thoughtful that broadens their awareness of wider concepts, yet is simple to do at home?

Well, look no further.


David Walliams - Fing audiobook

Additional Learning


Techniquest have whizzy demonstration videos which you may find interesting.


RSPB have a competition which might be a fun task and some other ideas .

St Fagans - Happy

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