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Hapus I garu, dysgu a gweddio gyda'n gilydd

Year 5

Monday 13th July


The last week of the term is here. I wish you were all here in school enjoying your last days in Year 5. These last two weeks have shown how much I have missed teaching you all. This week’s work is as close to the activities that we would have completed in the classroom so I hope you enjoy them.


Last week we had round two of children coming into school for the day. It was another brilliant week and I enjoyed every second - I hope you all had a great time too. This week you are very lucky because you will be spending a couple of hours with Mr Rees in Year 6. Looking at what he has planned for you, it will be another fun time. Parents/guardians – if you are unsure on what time, in which your child is coming into school, please email me or phone the office. Remember to report to Rees’s door on your day.


Again, as I say every week, make sure you have that positive work/play balance, spending quality time outdoors - the forecast looks hot hot hot.


One last time - a massive THANK YOU for your continued hard work, dedication, and support during the pandemic. It has been a pleasure to teach Year 5 this year and I have loved being here. Even though I have only taught the class for around three months, I can honestly say, each and every member are an absolute credit to you and St Fagans Primary School.


Have a wonderful, well-deserved break and we shall see you in Year 6 come September.


Mr Richards


LI: To create an A-Z of your year.


This is a fun challenge. Think back through your time spent in Year 5 (including the duration of the lockdown) and see if you can think of words that best describe key moments.


For example, everyone will have Corona-virus for the letter C.


LI: To construct a Wordle.


These are fantastic and look great once finished. Have a think about what you want to do over the summer holidays then lick on the Wordle link below then start typing your answers. You will need to type in some words more than once to increase the size.


For example, I want to play a lot of golf over the summer so I would write ‘golf’ a few times: golf golf golf golf golf golf golf

Cycling is something I want to do but not as much so I would on type cycling once: cycling

Have a play around and see what happens. Below are a couple of examples of Wordles taken from Dr Suess’ books. Can you name them?



LI: To read text accurately.


Your last comprehension of Year 5 - do not cheer too loudly! I have been reading a book about Everest recently so found this interesting comprehension. It is about a man, called John Griffin, who climbed the height of Everest by walking up his stairs. Probably not as cold but still an impressive achievement.


LI: To write creatively.


Have another think back over time spend during the lockdown and see if you can pin-point one of your favourite moments. Then, using the word mats to help you, write a paragraph or two explaining this moment and say why you chose it as your favourite. You may want to use a photo to help; I will leave that choice up to you. Below is an example of one of my favourite moments of the lock down.



Walking onto the 16th green at Glamorganshire Golf Club for the first time since the course re-opened. The breathtaking view is always a highlight for me and makes me smile from ear to ear as the round reaches its climax – it is something I have missed massively and I feel blessed every time I experience it.


Have a look at these two games, you may want to play them for certain amount of time each day as a warm up:


1. Hit the Button – focus on multiplication and division then adjust the level of difficulty.


2. Mental Maths Train – choose an operation then difficulty level.




LI: To create a Pablo Picasso Style Self Portrait.


We touched on this in class before the lock down so I thought it would be nice to revisit it during our last week. I have included a link to ‘how to draw a self portrait’ which you can use to help you. However, only use this to a certain point because if you look through the PowerPoint and Picasso’s portraits, you will notice how they differ. Some people say his art is strange, but I think it is unique and breath-taking. Have some fun with this and see what you come up with.

Feel good activities

LI: To relax.


I have included four mindfulness activities this week so you have a choice. You have a word search, crossword, colouring, and code breaking. If you want to do all four activities – go for it!

Summer Reading competition


This year, the Summer Reading Challenge is starting early. Follow the link below and sign up to join in. The challenge is to read 6 books (or more) over the summer. You can collect virtual stickers and unlock rewards for each challenge you complete. The website is full of games, activities, book recommendations, reviews and information. It also has suggestions about how to get your hands on books with libraries closed.  Many of you have completed the Summer Reading Challenge before when it has been run by Cardiff libraries. Let’s join in from home, have fun and show that St Fagans is Reading School!

Reading for pleasure


We will be using this resource to encourage Reading for Pleasure at home. It is just a little 'challenge' sheet with reading related tasks, see which ones you can do. Adults: the aim is to get the family reading and talking about books. (known as 'book blether' in Reading for pleasure circles). My hope is that you can share pictures and tell me what you have done, I can then share with the class and encourage a reading community.


If you are looking for ideas to develop Reading for Pleasure, Mr Wallace has added a web page to the school website - in the children section. There are links to websites and book recommendations.

If you are interested in more ideas for reading for pleasure, the open university website has a wealth of ideas and case studies to learn from.

On-going Activities


Please note that these activities are on-going and can be completed at any time over the next few weeks.



Joe Wicks is still hosting LIVE 30min workout each morning at 9am. Each morning in class we watch and copy Joe Wicks’ workouts - Year 5 love them! Many other workouts on his YouTube page if you miss the 9am one.

Click on the following link:



If you can have a look at the many activities on the FREE Minecraft app which you can download from Hwb



Check into the Welsh phrase of the week on our website. You may want to write them down and translate. Or write a sentence using the phrase to help you. OR, if you want a challenge of all challenges: see if you can teach the phrases to somebody in your house.

Link to Welsh phrase of the week:


ALso have a look at this link: Welsh food, YUM!



Please click on the ‘First 100 high frequency words handwriting’ PDF and let loose…



Please go to the PDF entitled ‘High Frequency spelling’. 200 words to get your teeth stuck into.



Check out Oxford Owl for many ebooks to read through, or you could go old fashioned and pick up a book with pages and everything. If you are tech minded please follow the link below:


Diary Entries

How are you getting on with these?


I really want to see what you got up to on your time away from school. So, with that in mind, your ongoing activity will be to write a diary entry for each day (or as many days as you can) you are away from school. I suggest you write each entry before bedtime, with a brief outline of what you did that day. You can include pictures if you want.  
We worked on diary entries a couple of weeks back. However, if you have forgotten how to write one, I have included a PowerPoint to help you and a checklist to follow. 

Additional activities


Keep up to date with our Worship page. Lots of new activities to keep you busy


Also, continue to practise those Welsh phrases of the week. Can you create a sentence using the phrase, or even ask someone in your family to answer a question in Welsh:


The Childnet film competition is a fantastic home learning opportunity open to all learners from UK schools and youth organisations. The competition invites young people to take on the challenge of creating a short film or storyboard in response to this year’s theme: ‘We want an internet where we’re free to…’


Are your children ready for an engaging home learning challenge? Something creative and thoughtful that broadens their awareness of wider concepts, yet is simple to do at home?

Well, look no further.


David Walliams - Fing audiobook

St Fagans - Happy

Just in case you missed it over the Easter break...